Take time out to chill before taking centre-stage on a day you’ve spent, weeks, months, maybe even years, preparing for.

Paddock 186 is just 22km from Invercargill, 18km from Riverton and 33km from Winton, so it’s the perfect bolt-hole to relax in without taking you too far away from the action.

The pampering begins on the eve of the big day; enjoy a delicious dinner then retire to your room (or sit up with your friends and watch the sun rise over the paddocks – the choice is yours). The new day begins with a leisurely brunch, before you return to your room where professional hairdressing and makeup artists will be waiting to help you prepare the main event. When you step into the bridal car to head to your chosen venue you were always going to be beautiful – now you’ll also be rested and relaxed, able to truly enjoy your day.

Patchy cellphone coverage means you can totally switch off (with reliable WIFI and landline available when you really do need to connect).